Packed Up Ltd acquires Protect Net UK

Aberdeen-based packaging company, Packed Up Ltd, has recently acquired the business of Protect Net UK, a leading supplier of protective packaging solutions.

The acquisition will not only strengthen Packed Up’s position in the industry but also increase its reach and offerings to customers.

The acquisition of Protect Net UK will bring a range of new products and services to Packed Up’s portfolio, including the Poly-Net® range of protective sleeving, filter tubes, spacer & washing grids.

This will provide customers with a wider range of options to choose from and ensure that their protective packaging needs are met.

The acquisition is a significant step forward for Packed Up and will provide numerous benefits for the company, its employees, and its customers.

The combined expertise of the two companies will allow for the creation of new products and services. The company’s commitment to sustainability will continue to be a priority, and they will continue to explore new and innovative packaging solutions.

Packed Up’s Managing Director, Sean McConochie, had this to say about the acquisition: “We are excited to welcome Protect Net UK to the Packed Up family.

“This acquisition will allow us to better serve our customers by offering a wider range of products and services, and it will also help us to continue our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the packaging industry.”

The acquisition of Protect Net UK by Packed Up is a positive development for the packaging industry in Aberdeen and will provide customers with a wider range of options and services.

The combination of the two companies’ expertise will help to create new opportunities for growth and innovation in the years to come.