For almost 70 years, NSW has been manufacturing POLY-NET® Surface Protection “Made in Germany” in its plastic production facility: These nets and grids protect the sensitive surfaces and edges of high-quality goods during production, cleaning of parts, storage, dispatch and shipping.

Our standard Protective Netting (also known as Protective Sleeving) offers a lightweight, effective way to package and protect items during transit or within the manufacturing process. Supplied on rolls, it is easily cut to length to suit thousands of applications. Mesh Sleeving is used in warehouses to save time with otherwise intricate packaging specifications, and is easily fitted by hand and cut to length.


About Surface Protection Nets

During production, when moving parts within the plant, in storage and on the way to your customer, POLY-NET® surface protection netting protects the sensitive surfaces and edges of your products. This reduces the reject rate and ensures that your customers are satisfied. 


Benefits include

  • Space-saving
  • Secure storage of your products
  • Highly elastic, fits almost any shape
  • Made of soft polyethylene
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Reusable and recyclable

Also available

We are also also to provide Filter Tubes, Spacer Grids and Washing Grids. If you would like to know more phone us on 0845 277 2020 or email us at sales@protectnet-uk.com.

polynet filter tubes
polynet spacer grids
polynet washing spacers